Commit to finding qualified veterans

There are three main components to the programme: Learning, Certification and Employment. Companies that are interested in supporting the Armed for IT Careers programme are asked to participate in the Corporate Registry.

The Corporate Registry is a list of companies and organisations who support service leavers, ex-service personnel and veterans by helping them transition into a new IT career in their organisations.


Why join?

  • Access to a skilled and talented workforce
  • Support for our military veterans
  • Visibility via Listing
  • Visibility in Armed for IT Careers resources
  • Press and social media exposure


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Want to test if hiring service leavers, ex-service personnel and veterans is right for you?

Trial Attachments, also known as Civilian Work Attachments (CWA), are designed to help Service leavers get sector specific work experience and on-the-job training, and to ensure employers and employees are well matched. There is no set length – they can range from one day up to the limit of the Service leavers resettlement time allowance (maximum of 7 weeks).

Most Service leavers use their time to combine their training with an attachment to gain experience. CWAs can be taken at any time during the last two years of service but usually towards the exit date. There is no cost to the employer and the CWA is often looked upon as an extended interview process.

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